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Jesse Cooper

Software Engineer

About Me

I am Full Stack Engineer by trade and with many years of consulting experience. I have tackled unique challenges across many different industries. It is exciting to be apart of a product's journey from inception to delivery and that's were I thrive. Beyond software, I find myself exploring more hobbies than I have time for and enjoy them all!

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Career Journey

[ 03/2023 - 01/2024 ]

Stride is an experience I won't forget! It had the culture and people that I really look for in a company, a company driven by XP principles and a feedback rich culture. At My first client, me and an other engineer, dove deep into our client's systems learning everything we could. We wanted to make sure the work we did would equip our client with the tools and insight needed to migrate to a new system. To that end we delivered well documented insights, migration scripts, and a flexible, extensible test harness to measure DBMS performance across multiple DBMS solutions including their current solution. After that rewarding experience, I join another incredible team where we built a web app for teachers and coaches to extend and strengthen their understanding of effective classroom interactions through classroom observation. I was particular inspired by this work as I knew that it would better the lives of so many people!

Tech / Skills

React ● Typescript ● Ruby on Rails ● TDD ● XP ● Pair Programming ● Tailwind ● CSS ● Data Modeling ● Route 66 (Cloud Services) ● Postgres ● MariaDB ● SQL ● Java
[ 03/2021 - 02/2023 ]

Encouraged to try something new, I join Object Partners (Later bought by Improving). I started consulting for a Publishing & Education Company where I got to experience a new industry. I worked closely with architects within the company to upgrade and update their platform to be able to deploy their application as a Native Image, something that was being cooked up over at Oracle. I also spent time building out parts of their application to facilitate data dumps and getting that data from a testing center to an internal developer who could use that snapshot to triage any defects found in production.

Tech / Skills

Java ● Spring Boot ● GraalVM ● JSP ● Web Services ● MariaDB
[ 04/2020 - 03/2021 ]

My first exposure to the world of finance, J.P. Morgan Chase, excited me! I have been interested in the financial sector leading up to this moment and getting the opportunity to join J.P.M.C., I could not pass it up. I got to work building out services that powered a redesigned tool for J.P.M.C. financial advisors to use. This web app is used to onboard new clients with different kinds of product offerings and I built the services that aggregated security data from disparate sources to provide this critical information.

Tech / Skills

Java ● Spring Boot ● DBMS ● Web Services ● SQL
[ 12/2019 - 04/2020 ]

The travel industry pulled me back in when I join American Airlines. In my short time here, I worked to migrate some of there services over to Sabre Web Services and contributed to breaking their monolith in to microservices. As COVID hit, I decided I should find an industry that would be better equipped to weather the pandemic and so I said goodbye.

Tech / Skills

Java ● Spring Boot ● Sabre Web Services ● IBM Cloud: PCF
[ 04/2019 - 12/2019 ]

Cognizant was a great opportunity to grow! I got my first exposure to leading a team as we built a proof of concept that would allow developers to deploy code that was generated by Maven Archetypes through a web app with some basic information. After we finished integrating this product with both Azure and GitLab, I joined another team to finish building another web app that managed research documents for our client. Though I added services to multiple parts of the application, I primarily focused on building out the notification service triggered by events such as approvals, review requests, denials, etc.

Tech / Skills

Java ● Spring Boot ● Full Stack ● Angular ● CSS ● System Design ● Microservices ● Pivotal Cloud Foundry ● SQL
[ 07/2017 - 04/2019 ]

At Allstate, I was introduced to and felt inspired by Extreme Programming! Along with a group of other fresh engineers, Allstate invested in us and took us through a 3 month training program with Galvanize. From there, I worked with some amazing engineers and we built a product (Web API) that made it easier to access claim data for teams inside of Allstate. After that was launched, I was fortunate enough to travel to Northern Ireland to hand it off to the lab there. After that fortunate journey, I joined another team to deliver a product that streamlined how adjusters requested 3rd party services. This involved integrating our application with several external vendors with different levels of technical maturity to securely send documents.

Tech / Skills

Java ● Spring Boot ● Full Stack ● React ● CSS ● Material UI ● System Design ● Pivotal Cloud Foundry ● SQL
[ 10/2014 - 07/2017 ]

It was here that I began to build my technical skills. Though I enjoyed the work of a Business Analyst I really had my heart set on being more technical and writing applications instead. At Sabre, I was challenged with building test automation for the Sabre system and for Sabre's web services. The most exciting project I worked on was the AA/US Airways data migrations. Using Jmeter and Java, I was able to validate large volumes of data, accessed through the Sabre system. Developers and other QAs used the reports I generated to find bugs and ensure a clean data migration when we went to production.

Tech / Skills

JMeter ● Scripting ● QTP ● Java ● SOATest (Soap Services)
[ 06/2014 - 10/2014 ]

As my first role outside of college, I got to experience Agile for the first time. I learned about the Software Development Life Cycle hands on and had the opportunity to work closely with the business, work diligently to remove roadblocks, and lead demos for our team to show off our hard work!

Tech / Skills

Agile ● User Stories ● Team Demos


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This is my personal site to show off what I've been up to! Click the github icon to see the source code for this project.
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A site I built as a placeholder for my main site while I was still working on version 1.
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Price Tracker

This is a small project I put together to setup a bot that would periodically fetch price data from TCGplayer for items I wanted to track. Eventually, I want to be able to generate price alerts, comparative trends, and expand the scope beyond just tracking on TCGPlayer.
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My first attempt at making a 3D model in Blender following a very detailed tutorial! Had a ton of fun making this!
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